The moment of the first date is one of the most respectful and exciting. For a girl, the priority is the choice of hairstyles, makeup, manicure, accessories. But the most important is the choice of clothes. A cocktail dress is the best option. It is this element of the female wardrobe that makes the girl fragile, cute, defenseless and elegant. For meetings, stylists are requested to drop pants, jeans, shorts, t-shirts, sweaters and wear the most feminine cocktail or evening dress. Fortunately, there are now places: on the Internet, there is a huge selection of a wide variety of models and styles to suit all tastes, budgets and shapes.


You don’t have to go to two extremes: dress like a gray mouse and choose clothes that “tear your eyes apart.” Choose the tone of the outfit suitable for your character.

popular short cocktail dress for date

Reference: A173, ZHY138A

Like the color pink, it has many shades which are very suitable. This tone is associated with tenderness and innocence. In addition, it has many palettes, so this range can be chosen by ladies of any type of color. If your task is not only to crush, but also to give the illusion that you have a deep inner world and high values, then take the blue undertone. The saturated dark color gives elegance, severity. A blue outfit creates an airy, weightless look. It is best not to wear black, gray, swamp or other light or very dark tones on a date. Leave them for a more formal occasion.


pink sheath cocktail dress with short sleeves in waffle jacquard

Chic pink cocktail dress in waffle jacquard with short sleeves

No matter what day you’ve been invited to meet, whether it’s February 14 or a normal weekday, you should look great. When choosing an outfit, remember the weather and the meeting place. During hot summers, do not wear thick velvet, but chiffon, cotton, guipure, linen will be very useful. It won’t be hot. On a cool evening, you can wear a light cardigan, sweater, jacket or cardigan, suitable in tone and style. In winter you can wear elegant velvet, knit dresses. Do not take light fabrics, they are not suitable in winter, even if you stay indoors all the time.

The first date is very important, because the first impression is a reserve for the future. I hope you now have a better idea of ​​the cocktail dress that best suits your figure. You can buy cocktail dresses in the Persun online stores. Buying a dress online is not only convenient, but also very inexpensive compared to shopping malls. Cocktail dresses are a timeless fashion, so why not buy one today and show it on the first date in the future?

Length and Neckline

Short powder pink lace cocktail dress with short sleeves embroidered with exquisite flowers

Short powder-pink cocktail dress with cap sleeve embellished with fuchsia floral embroidery

For those looking for ephemeral communications, a mini will be useful. But in all other cases, the mid-length cocktail dress is a better choice. And the neckline is important, the plunging V-neck is refused. Remember, you have to maintain your elegance in the first date. Choose models with an oval, square or small V neckline. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to the characteristics of your body.

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