Hosting provider

What is a hosting provider?

In practice, hosting providers are providers that allow the storage of websites, and also have the function of “serving” web pages to the public.

From a legal point of view, hosting providers are defined as “Natural or legal persons who ensure, even free of charge, for making available to the public by online public communication services, the storage of signals , writings, images, sounds or messages of any kind provided by recipients of these services ”(Article 6. I.2 of the LCEN).

Are hosting providers civilly responsible for hosted content?

The hosting providers are only responsible: – if they were actually aware of the illegal content or of facts and circumstances revealing this character or if, – from the moment they became aware of it, they acted promptly to remove or make it impossible to access this data (art. 6 LCEN)

Are hosting providers criminally responsible for hosted content?

Accommodation providers cannot be held criminally responsible for information stored at the request of a recipient of these services if they were not actually aware of the illegal activity or information or if, from the as soon as they became aware of it, they acted promptly to withdraw this information or to make access to it impossible.

Can a change of web host have a negative impact on the SEO of a site?

John Mueller of Google answered this question, which is often asked by our readers, at the end of 2018. It is confirmed, once again (and officially): the transition to a new host has no negative influence on the SEO of a site (unless obviously, your new host prevents GoogleBot from exploring your site ). On the contrary, switching to a better web host, a faster host or using a powerful CDN (like CloudFlare) can effectively help a site to be better positioned in Google.


Which web hosting to choose in 2020?

Website hosting (or web hosting) has evolved a lot in recent years. Formerly exclusively reserved for developers and professionals, the offer has very widely diversified and hosting services are now widely accessible to all those who want to have an online presence, regardless of their technical skills.

If you want to have a domain, or manage the domain names you have purchased, prefer a web host that has its own registrar license and can offer domain names at low prices. If you want to open your own store online, you will find a suitable internet host, with a hosting formula on physical or virtual server including ssl certificate, emails, high bandwidth, uptime greater than 99.9% and automatic backups. For a shop that targets a French audience, your site must be hosted by a French host. For a site that targets a global audience, you can choose an American host whose hosting plans are often much cheaper for equal quality. Finally, website creation has also evolved a lot. No more code to make a quality site, many hosts now offer “site builder” which allow you to create your site in a few clicks, such as Wix, Weebly or Dreamhost.

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