Explore the exponential growth of the eCommerce market

As the Internet continues to grow at an exponential rate, more and more people are choosing to buy goods and services online. This is mainly due to both the convenience and the ability to search and compare thousands of products quickly and easily.

The global scale of electronic commerce is huge. Figures released by eMarketer predict that business-to-consumer (B2C) eCommerce sales will soon increase 14.6% to $ 4 billion, and not just companies like Amazon will benefit. Smaller retailers see the benefits of easily reaching international customers – especially when they have access to content management platforms (CMS) such as WordPress and shop builders such as WooCommerce.

In short, online sales show no signs of slowing down. Now is a great time to run an ecommerce site.

How WooCommerce took over the world of eCommerce

WooCommerce is a leading WordPress ecommerce extension that provides an excellent foundation on which to build an optimized and user-friendly ecommerce store. It was designed with best practices in mind, both on the client side and on the administration side, where administrators can add new products, set up payment methods and integrate payment gateways so transparent.

With a functional dashboard where administrators and business leaders can assess sales and read product reviews, it is also possible to monitor inventory levels and overall store performance. Best of all, WooCommerce is incredibly versatile to fit with just about any design you could want.

Pros and cons of free WooCommerce themes

The major advantage of using a free WooCommerce theme is exactly that: it’s free. This can certainly be useful if you are starting your own business and have limited funds.

That said, when it comes to free WordPress themes, you can’t necessarily expect higher quality of design and functionality. Support options may be limited, and updates may be launched and missed. Finally, unless you are an experienced coder, you will probably have to take your theme as is – customization options tend to be slim among free themes.

Free WooCommerce Theme

If your heart is set on a free theme, be sure to choose from a trusted source. A huge number of WooCommerce themes can be found on WordPress.org. Unfortunately, the filtering function of WordPress.org leaves much to be desired, so you will have to refer to the description of a theme to find out if it is compatible with WooCommerce or not.

40 Great Online Stores Created With Shopify

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Inspired Magazine, a very popular design and “lifestyle” magazine, featured a list of 40 gorgeous, beautifully designed online stores, all created with Shopify. As these online shopping sites are a great source of inspiration for all entrepreneurs in the e-commerce world, we naturally thought of sharing them here on this blog.

Take pleasure in visiting these magnificent digital creations, and note all the little things that make them successful: their company logo, their product photography, the clearly defined navigation elements, a simple and user-friendly design, buttons persuasive call to action, and of course great products.

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