When it comes to traveling, it is important to bring together all those who are essential during your stay. That said, it is not necessary to empty your house to bring everything you want, but above all to select all those you need during your trip. One of the accessories to keep in mind is the activity tracker. This is there to help you find the place you are looking for, remind you of things to do and more. For a trip, an activity tracker should be practical and easy to carry.

The Fitbit Alta activity tracker

For a clutter-free trip, the Fitbit Alta activity tracker is the most recommended accessory. Recognized for its design and elegance, the Fitbit Alta HR has a large oled screen for previewing notifications and details. The autonomy of this offer is one week. With such a large autonomy time, this accessory can very well accompany you during your family stay of a week or more, depending on your choices.

Garmin Vivosmart HR activity tracker

This gadget is ideal for a long stay trip, short stay and even for a romantic weekend. This activity tracker is a gadget programmed under new technologies. This accessory is characterized by heart rate monitoring, various notifications, automatic sleep monitoring and more. In addition to being waterproof, this accessory can broadcast notifications from Android and iOS smartphones.

The Xiaomi Mi Band activity tracker

If you want to have an activity tracker for your vacation only, the inexpensive Xiaomi Mi Band activity tracker is the most recommended for you. This accessory is launched on the market with a price of less than 20 euros. This Chinese brand can demonstrate the functions of a connected bracelet that only demonstrates basic daily activities. So, if you’re not the one who has always worn activity trackers, make sure you get one at a very affordable price.

Useful accessories when traveling

I have given you a small, non-exhaustive list of useful travel accessories.

Before leaving, you can find out about the destination you have chosen and there are many guides available, but I will not list them all. I put you the best rated and known.

Backpacker’s guide | City Guide | Michelin | Little Smart | Lonely Planet

Suitcase or Backpack

When we ask this question is that it is good for the holidays but which one to choose?

Personally I choose one or the other according to what I do on vacation. If I am more a Hotel without moving I take my Samsonite of 100L but if I have to move often like for example doing 3 weeks in Thailand to move every 3 or 4 days I prefer the backpack (with wheels it helps) as by example the bag from Decathlon Kipsta Trolley intensive of 65L or 90L.

Count between 60 and 80 € depending on the model chosen. The backpacks are easier to transport during different trips.


Shin passport

The passport protector, we could find it useless but the passport is still the only way to be able to travel outside Europe and it is better that it is protected. They are found at all prices, of all kinds

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