10 reasons to become a web developer with OpenClassrooms

Do you want to change jobs or have you always wanted to become a developer? Discover in 10 points why our first bachelor in web development is the solution for you:

A job in high demand: developers dominate the job market in France and are considered to be the # 1 job in tech with the strongest growth in terms of job offers (+ 27% by 2024)

A diploma recognized everywhere: our bachelor is recognized throughout Europe. Study from home and work everywhere!

One year of study: 12 months are enough to learn this job from A to Z!

100% online: courses, certification or mentoring, everything happens online. For us, technology is the tool that makes education accessible to all!

100% flexible: you can start when you want and all the training takes place at your own pace. The program adapts to your availability and preferences.

A community to count on: you can interact with more than 2 million members to work and progress together.

Connected with “real life”: the content is created by experts in their fields and our projects are designed as simulations of real projects and needs in business.

Accessible to everyone: to get started you only need a baccalaureate level and an Internet connection.

A mentor always ready: your mentor is an expert who adapts the learning to your level. He is also a coach who is there to motivate you and help you reach your goals!

OpenClassrooms know-how: our training programs have proven themselves and have enabled thousands of students to develop new skills and find new jobs.

Why become a web developer? You have to love web development already.

What can make you love web development? What attracted me at the start was the fact that it was a multi-skill domain, at a crossroads: there is a layout dimension, interface design, design of graphic elements, various graphic choices, which requires acquiring a graphic designer culture, and a technical, logical dimension, search for a solution, which itself is divided into several components: databases, server-side development, front-end development, integration templates, etc.

This multiplicity of techniques and skills made the job particularly fulfilling for me; the work was varied and rich in reflections, and each aspect helped to reflect on the other.

Today, however, for better or for worse, it seems to me that we are seeing the emergence of a compartmentalization / specialization of tasks that does not excite me more than that. But this goes hand in hand with increasingly ambitious projects, which oblige this rationalization of work.

Still, development can be quite an intellectually exhilarating activity once you’ve passed a certain milestone.

On the salary side, it doesn’t pay too badly, but not enough for my taste. For a Parisian, it’s a bit limited.

Suddenly, I compensate by trying to focus on the choice of projects that I like in their finality, which leads me to work especially around medical and research, when possible.

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